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As a strong economic and social player, Addax Petroleum seeks to put people and the environment first and conduct its business in full compliance with regulations and industry standards. To this end, the Company brings together a series of operating principles under the broad heading of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Addax Petroleum is owned by Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (SIPC), which is managed and operated by the Sinopec Group. SIPC is specialised in overseas oil and gas investment and operations. It manages Sinopec's international exploration and production portfolio, including Addax Petroleum.

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Gabon - Addax Petroleum awards the most performing students and teachers in Mouila

On 10 July 2015, Addax Petroleum Oil & Gas Gabon (APOGG) handed out awards to the best performing students and teachers of the Primary School A in Mouila during an "Excellence Prize" ceremony.

The ceremony was presided over by the Director of the Provincial Accademy and an Addax Petroleum delegation led by Roger Mavoungou Sickout, Assisting Managing Director of Addax Petroleum Gabon.

As highlighted by Mr Sickout during the opening ceremony, value creation through excellence is one of Addax Petroleum’s three core values. As such, the Company is committed to encourage youth to cultivate excellence through sound and healthy competition.

The prizes consisted of school kits for students and laptops for teachers. Mercedes Ogoula, the student who got the school's highest grade (8.50/10) also received a scholarship of 500,000 CFA francs (USD 840).

This action was planned as part of Addax Petroleum Gabon's 2015 Social Investment Programme. Addax Petroleum’s interest in the Primary School A in Mouila dates back to 2012 when the school roof was blown away due to a violent storm in the region.

At that time, the school called on the Company’s Social Investment Committee for assistance. Addax Petroleum took charge and bore related cost for the school’s rehabilitation (roof, structural work and painting).

That same year and despite the damage caused, the school registered the best academic results in the entire province for the sixth grade entrance examination and the Certificate of Primary Education (French CEP). This led Addax Petroleum to provide additional assistance to the school by offering books for the library and school supplies to the students.

Mouila is the capital city of the Ngounié Province, the region that hosts Addax Petroleum's production sites in Gabon. Mouila's Primary School A is the oldest school in the city, dating from the 1950s. It welcomed several Gabonese leading figures.

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