Our Values

Addax Petroleum believes that core values are important to its business as they build the cultural context in which the company evolves, define how employees interact with each another, and shape the attitudes adopted towards all stakeholders.

Respect for people and cultural diversity form the underlying principles to develop and maintain effective relationships, mutual trust, and confidence. By establishing this as a priority, Addax Petroleum encourages a spirit of harmonious cooperation among the employees as a cornerstone for dynamic and sustainable growth to the mutual benefit of all, both individually and collectively.

Building on the employees’ input after an internal survey, some key federating themes were identified. These topics have led to the identification of core values for all working relationships, internally and externally, among Addax Petroleum employees and with the Company’s stakeholders.



Integrity through Action
Enforcing integrity through action means conducting our business ethically and developing a culture of accountability for everything we do.
We feel responsible for working in full compliance with industry standards, with the rules and regulations that apply in our host countries, and with our Company’s business principles and processes.


Harmony through Diversity
Ensuring harmony through diversity means building a culture of inclusion and a work environment that is supportive and collaborative.
We are a community of people from diverse cultural backgrounds who base their work relationships upon respect and trust, and leverage the uniqueness of each individual to strive towards a common goal productively and efficiently.


Value creation through Excellence
Creating value through excellence means performing consistently to deliver both economic results and social progress.
We are results-oriented and seek excellence in everything we do to deliver high quality work, high returns, and ensure we make a positive impact on society through leadership and exemplary conduct.


The following short video presents Addax Petroleum’s corporate values at a glance. The design (trapeze shape) is based on the Company’s logotype to reinforce the idea that these values are an intrinsic part of Addax Petroleum’s DNA.

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