Working with us

integrity Integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions. Addax Petroleum employees are responsible corporate citizens. They are committed to the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies. Addax Petroleum employees are honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in their actions, honour their commitments and are held accountable for both their successes and failures.…
teamwork Teamwork leverages Addax Petroleum’s individual strengths by pooling resources and allowing us to achieve our common goal. All employees are expected to actively participate in the Addax Petroleum team, where open communication is encouraged up, down, and across the organisation and most importantly through recognition of the diversity of our workforce.…
performancePerformance excellence is what differentiates us from our industry peer group. Addax Petroleum employees focus on what is important by establishing and communicating clear expectations, relentlessly pursuing success, striving for flawless execution, celebrating successes and applying knowledge gained from failures and continuously looking for new ways to improve the delivery of services.…
learningAddax Petroleum’s Learning environment is the gateway to achieving the full potential of each individual and the Company. Effective management of each individual’s career is achieved through a combination of personal and company commitment. This commitment to the strengthening of Addax Petroleum is further underpinned by sharing of learning gained from past decisions and actions, both good and bad that in turn positively contribute and influence improved performance.…


Our commitment to growth

At Addax Petroleum, we are committed to growth for the Company and all of our employees.
It is the culture of the Company to develop its own leaders by hiring individuals with high potential and promoting from within. Commitment to training at every level combined with opportunities for job assignments, allows employees to gain experience and develop new skills.

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Nonetheless, Addax Petroleum expects its employees to take charge of their own careers, taking personal initiative to develop the qualifications to grow and advance. This high performance culture has long been a part of Addax Petroleum’s core values and is reflected by how we operate. In today's competitive business environment, each employee is perceived as being a key contributor to the creation of value for our Company. We recognize that our long-term success depends on our ability and competencies of all our employees especially in the environment in which they work, with emphasis on the management of our operations in the increasingly complex environments that we operate. Commitment to the values of the Company is a vision shared by all Addax Petroleum employees who demonstrate their commitment to the ‘Addax Petroleum’ culture. The unique Addax Petroleum environment is one where the key to the company’s success is achieved by commitment to the principles of a high performance culture where employees are encouraged to contribute to their full potential by delivering unmatched value via application of their competencies.

Job Applications

To find out about other available jobs, please go to the Career opportunities page.

Alert on fictitious job offers

Addax Petroleum is aware of fraudulent email messages that are sent from time to time by individuals claiming they are (i) representatives of Addax Petroleum Corporation or subsidiaries (real or imagined) of Addax Petroleum, (ii) under contract with Addax Petroleum or a subsidiary to locate prospective employees for work on projects. Often these "offers" require payment in order to be considered for recruitment. Typically, victims are advised that they have been hired by Addax Petroleum or that they may obtain employment with the company. For a fee, applicants are assured that their employment papers, tender offers, job applications and work permits will be processed. In some instances, victims are promised payment to cover relocation expenses. Such promises are not made or generated by Addax Petroleum or in any way associated with us. These are not legitimate Addax Petroleum job offers. Addax Petroleum never requires any candidate to contribute or pay any expenses or fees towards potential employment.

Addax Petroleum, as well as any of its affiliate, disclaims all responsibility with respect to any expense, loss, and/or damage of any kind, which might have occurred in connection with any e-job application and/or recruitment procedure.

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