Fake job offers

Addax Petroleum is aware of scam/fake job offers that are sent from time to time by individuals claiming they are:

  • representatives of Addax Petroleum Corporation or subsidiaries (real or imagined) of Addax Petroleum
  • under contract with Addax Petroleum or a subsidiary to locate prospective employees for work on projects

We treat such abuse seriously. By publishing details of such abuses we aim to reduce the opportunities for the scammers to profit from their activities and to prevent individuals falling victim to fraudulent practices.

What is a scam/fake job offer?

A scam/fake job offer is an attempt to obtain cash from victims by offering jobs that do not exist.

Typically, such scams are conducted via the internet using either fake company websites or by sending unsolicited emails. Victims are advised that they have been hired by Addax Petroleum or that they may obtain employment with the Company.

For a fee, applicants are assured that their employment papers, tender offers, job applications and work permits will be processed. In some instances, victims are promised payment to cover relocation expenses.

Such promises are not made or generated by Addax Petroleum or in any way associated with us. Addax Petroleum never requires any candidate to contribute or pay any expenses or fees towards potential employment.

How do I recognise a genuine job offer from a scam/fake?

Genuine correspondence from Addax Petroleum is sent from an email ending in It is never sent from a Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or other internet hosted account.

All our emails and internet pages are hosted via Particularly sophisticated scammers can clone the addresses to make it look as if their email has come from Addax Petroleum. However, when hitting the Reply button, the address showing in the browser switches from to a similar looking address.

To be sure you are emailing a genuine address, don’t use the Reply button but instead type in the address manually.

How do I apply for jobs at Addax Petroleum?

All vacancies at Addax Petroleum are listed on our website.
Please visit our Career opportunities page to search and apply for jobs or register your CV/resume for future openings.

Addax Petroleum, as well as any of its affiliates, disclaims all responsibility with respect to any expense, loss, and/or damage of any kind, which might have occurred in connection with any e-job application and/or recruitment procedure.

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