About us

Our mission

Addax Petroleum’s mission is to create sustainable economic and social value through successful exploration and production of oil and gas resources.

Our values

We believe that core values are important to our business as they build the cultural context in which the company evolves, define how employees interact with each another and shape the attitudes adopted towards all stakeholders.

Integrity through action – Enforcing integrity through action means conducting our business ethically and developing a culture of accountability for everything we do.

Harmony through diversity – Ensuring harmony through diversity means building a culture of inclusion and a work environment that is supportive and collaborative.

Value creation through excellence – Creating value through excellence means performing consistently to deliver both economic results and social progress.

Respect for people and cultural diversity form the underlying principles to develop and maintain effective relationships, mutual trust and confidence.

By establishing this as a priority, Addax Petroleum encourages a spirit of harmonious cooperation among the employees as a cornerstone for dynamic and sustainable growth to the mutual benefit of all, both individually and collectively.

Our name

Addax Petroleum was named after a type of antelope that can be found in Saharan Africa. It is particularly known for its ability to survive in harsh environments and is considered the most well adapted antelope to a desert environment as it is able to get most of the water it needs from plants.

The addax antelope is a perfect symbol to embody the spirit of Addax Petroleum and the Company’s culture and philosophy. The addax brings us closer to the continent where we started our operations and reflects our deep and continuous attachment to Africa as well as our capacity to adapt and prosper in areas deemed to offer little by transforming local resources into strong assets for growth.

Corporate Governance

APC Code of Conduct

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