As part of its social investment programme for 2016, Addax Petroleum Oil & Gas Gabon Inc. (Addax Petroleum) donated school equipment and supplies for hundreds of pupils at Mouila A school, supporting Ngounié’s Provincial Academy Directorate.

At an official ceremony at the school in Gabon on Monday, 13 February 2017, Mr Eric Aimé Ditombi, Director of the School, expressed his gratitude to Addax Petroleum for its assistance over the last five years, explaining how the school and pupils had benefited enormously over that time, and voicing his support for the ongoing partnership.

Addax Petroleum’s representative highlighted how valuable the collaboration was and how well aligned it was with the company's social investment programme: "Addax Petroleum has made education, alongside health and environmental protection, the foundation of its policy in terms of sustainable development and assistance to communities. We strive to fulfil our commitment to social responsibility by listening to the local populations – their needs and aspirations – and providing them with appropriate and proportionate support that both empowers and makes a real difference.”

The latest donation to Mouila A school comprised concrete boards, desks, school storage cabinets, and chairs, as well as gates and metal doors to secure the main classrooms. It also included individual school kits, including bags and stationery, for all 615 pupils.


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