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Managing our people

Diversity and Human rights
Along the way, Addax Petroleum has made the 6th principle (the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation) of the UN Global Compact a corner stone of its multicultural management strategy. Dealing with the human and cultural aspects of the acquisition has contributed to turning the challenge of Addax Petroleum’s cultural diversity into a business opportunity.

Inclusion projects continuously develop diversity awareness across the Company and encourages employees to buy into a business culture, which:

  • leverages diversity and inclusion for business growth;
  • enforces diversity learning, best practices, and networking opportunities, encouraging participants to challenge their thinking and strengthen their engagement;
  • recognises the role of diversity and inclusion as an improvement of efficiency, transparency, and accountability, which is conducive to achieving the internationally agreed upon development goals, such as the UN Global Compact and the Millennium Development Goals.

Addax Petroleum pursues its programme to foster diversity, employee engagement and internal dialogue to ensure the workplace environment is motivating and fulfilling for all employees.

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