Creating a safe and healthy work place for employees, contractors and the public and practising responsible stewardship of the environment in its activities are key priorities for Addax Petroleum. We continuously work to improve our HSSE performance through:

Leadership and Commitment:
Our management conducts regular safety tours of facilities, and sponsors and promotes health and safety programmes. Addax Petroleum also sponsors periodic third party audits of its HSSE performance and implements recommendations arising from the audits.

Training and Safe Operations
Employees and contractor staff are trained on Addax Petroleum’s HSSE policy, standards and procedures. Compliance with our HSSE policy, work procedures, relevant regulations and industry standards is a condition of employment. Risk Assessments of activities are conducted regularly and control measures instituted to eliminate or mitigate HSSE impact.

Incident Reporting and Investigation
To encourage employees to report unsafe conditions and practices, Addax Petroleum has adopted a “No Blame” approach to responding to accidents and near misses. Incidents are documented and investigated. Recommendations are made to help prevent a reoccurrence and lessons learned shared throughout the Company. The “No Blame” approach has ensured that there is a two-way communication between employees and management on health and safety issues.

Environmental protection and conservation are a fundamental part of Addax Petroleum’s operations. We ensure that all new projects comply with the relevant standards and regulations. We also upgrade our existing facilities in compliance with the standards. Addax Petroleum’s waste management policy promotes minimisation and recycling. Addax Petroleum collaborates with local groups to promote environmental awareness and continuously re-evaluate its performance to ensure compliance.

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