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Addax Petroleum is an international oil and gas exploration and production company with a strategic focus on Africa, the Middle East and the North Sea. The Company has grown by acquiring under-developed properties in established basins and has increased its production by utilising advanced and proven technologies.

Our strategy is to build on the significant growth and profit enhancement opportunities within our existing licence areas while also pursuing new venture opportunities.





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north sea 

The OPL227 licence area is located in the shallow water offshore of the western Niger Delta Basin, one of the most prolific petroleum basins in the world.
OML124, Addax Petroleum’s sole onshore property in Nigeria, is located in Imo State approximately 100 km north of Port Harcourt. OML124 is Addax Petroleum’s smallest Nigerian licence area when measured by production.
OML123 is Addax Petroleum’s largest licence area as measured by reserves and production and is located offshore approximately 60 km south of the town of Calabar in the south-eastern part of Nigeria, in the Gulf of Guinea.
Okwok is located approximately 45 km off the Nigeria coast, south of Calabar, in water depths ranging between 35 m and 50 m. Okwok lies within ExxonMobil’s licence area OML67, immediately to the south of OML123.
OML126 and OML137 are two contiguous blocks located 90 km offshore, south of Port Harcourt, in water depths ranging between 50 m and 210 m. Combined, they represent Addax Petroleum’s largest Nigerian properties as measured by area and also account for the majority of the company’s projected production growth.
The Kiarsseny area is located in the Port-Gentil Basin, in water depths reaching 800 m. Addax Petroleum holds a 42.5% interest in the exploration license, operated by Tullow Oil Gabon.
The Awoun area is located approximately 80 km south-east of Port-Gentil. Addax Petroleum holds a 40% interest in the Koula/Damier production license granted in that area and operated by Shell Gabon.
The Dinonga Irondou area is located approximately 100 km south-east of Port-Gentil. Addax Petroleum operates and holds an 88.75% interest in three production licenses granted in that area.
The Etame area is located offshore, in the south of Gabon, in water depths of approximately 75 to 80 m. Addax Petroleum holds a 31.36% interest in the three production licenses granted in that area and operated by VAALCO Gabon (Etame) Inc.
Addax Petroleum holds a 60% working interest in the Ngosso licence area, located in the hydrocarbon prone Rio del Rey Basin, western offshore Cameroon. It lies adjacent to the shore in water depths of up to 8 m and it has similar operational and subsurface geological conditions to OML123 in Nigeria, which is located approximately 20 km to the west.
Addax Petroleum holds a 70% working interest in the Iroko licence area, located approximately 30 km offshore Cameroon where the water depth is approximately 40 m.
Addax Petroleum is in partnership with Perenco, in the Rio del Rey Association (operated by Perenco) which covers a total area of 858 km2, and the Lokele Association (operated by Addax Petroleum and Perenco) which covers a total area of 168 km2. The interests held by Addax Petroleum in the licences attributed to these associations are as follows:
24.5% interest in Rio del Rey – Bavo-Asoma, Boa-Bakassi, Ekoundou Marine, Kita Edem and Kole Marine, operated by Perenco.
25% interest in Rio del Rey – Sandy Gas, operated by Perenco.
40% interest in Lokele – Mokoko Abana, operated by Addax Petroleum.
40% interest in Lokele – Lipenja Erong, operated by Perenco.
25% interest in Lokele – South Asoma, operated by Perenco.
32.25 % interest in Lokele – Lipenja South Field, operated by Perenco.
Participation in the Dissoni PSC including a 37.5% interest in the producing Dissoni Nord licence area, operated by Perenco.
The Dissoni PSC covers an area of 147 km2. An exclusive exploitation authorisation, for the Dissoni North field was granted in November 2008.
Addax Petroleum is a 45% shareholder in Taq Taq Operating Company, the operator of the Taq Taq field. The Taq Taq field is located in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 60 km north of the giant Kirkuk oil field, 85 km south-east of Erbil and 120 km north-west of Sulaimaniyah.


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