Country overview

The Republic of Gabon is located in West Africa. It is bordered by Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon. The country has 9 provinces.
The name of the country comes from « Gabão », a Portugese word meaning "cap", which refers to the shape of the estuary of the coast of Libreville.
As one of the least-densely inhabited countries in Africa, offering abundant natural resources and a stable political environment combined with a strong economic base, Gabon presents a very attractive profile for foreign private investments.
The country exports manganese, oil, iron and wood. Oil revenues have progressively increased since 1970, which is in large part due to offshore oil production. Gabon's per capita income is about four times that of most sub-Saharan African countries. Over 50% of Gabon's GDP comes from petroleum and mining production. The petroleum industry generates 80% of export earnings; the largest current producers being Total and Shell. Gabon was a full member of OPEC from 1975 to 1995.

Map of our assets

Licence Areas

Within Gabon, Addax Petroleum has interests in four Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) covering a combination of onshore and offshore licence areas. We have six producing fields in total.

LicenceWorking Interest %Operator

The Gabon onshore licence areas form the bulk of our production and operations in Gabon. They consist of three licence areas and producing oil fields: Dinonga, Irondou and Koula/Damier. Dinonga and Irondou are operated by Addax Petroleum, while Koula/Damier is operated by Shell Gabon.

Dinonga Irondou 88.75 Addax Petroleum

Dinonga and Irondou licences
The Irondou and Dinonga licences are Addax Petroleum’s principal onshore Gabon producing licences. They were granted in January 2014 for a 10-year period and are located approximately 100 km south-east of the coastal city of Port-Gentil. Addax Petroleum Oil & Gas Gabon Inc operates and holds an 88.75% interest in these licences.

Awoun 40 Shell Gabon

Koula / Damier licence
Addax Petroleum holds a 40% interest in the Koula/Damier licence, which is operated by Shell Gabon. The licence area is approximately 80 km south-east of Port-Gentil. Koula and Damier fields were both discovered in 2004. Production from Koula started in May 2010.



The Gabon offshore licence areas are a combination of production, development and exploration properties.

Etame 31.36 / 33.90 VAALCO Gabon

Etame Marin, Avouma and Ebouri licences
The Etame Marin, Avouma and Ebouri licences are Addax Petroleum’s principal offshore producing licences in Gabon. Etame Marin started production in 2001, Avouma has been producing since 2005, and Ebouri is producing since 2006. Addax Petroleum holds a 31.36% interest in these licences, operated by Vaalco Gabon (Etame) Inc.

Etame license
The Etame exploration licence is one of the two non-operated exploration licences of Addax Petroleum in Gabon. Addax Petroleum holds a 33.90% interest in this licence, operated by Vaalco Gabon (Etame) Inc.

Kiarsseny Marin 47.22 Tullow Oil Gabon

Kiarsseny Marin licence
The Kiarsseny Marin exploration licence is located offshore in the Port-Gentil Basin, in water depths up to 800 m and is operated by Tullow Oil Gabon.


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