Privacy Policy

Addax Petroleum approaches our communications on the Internet with respect for, and commitment to protecting, your privacy rights. This privacy policy describes how we collect, protect, use and share information gathered about you on the Addax Petroleum Website (the “Addax Site”). We hope that this disclosure will help increase your confidence in our sites and enhance your experience on the Internet.

  • What is personal information ?
  • How does the Addax Petroleum Site collect personal information from you ?
  • Does Addax Petroleum collect or use information collected from you with technology ?
  • How does Addax Petroleum use the personal information it has collected from you ?
  • To whom will Addax Petroleum provide your personal information ?
  • Links and Disclaimer of Linked Sites
  • What type of security does Addax Petroleum provide ?
  • Who do I contact with questions or concerns about this privacy policy ?
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