Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation

We are committed to fighting poverty and inequality caused by lack of education, illness, isolation and indigent living conditions. Many people are deprived of the vital elements needed by each individual to live and thrive, and for every community to develop harmoniously.

All over the world, individuals and organisations are taking action to help these people. The Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation was founded in order to support these efforts.


The Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation is committed to sustainable community development. It primarily seeks to empower poverty-stricken communities by reinforcing their capacities and help them reach self-sufficiency. To this end, the Foundation invests in projects focusing on health, education and the environment, mostly in Africa, the Middle East and China.

Visit the Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation’s website to find out more and click here to download its 2015 Annual Report.

Employee Volunteering

We believe that volunteerism is a powerful way of engaging employees in tackling development challenges. That is why the Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation gives all Addax Petroleum employees the opportunity to participate in its activities by working on a two to five week volunteering assignment – allowing all parties involved to broaden their perspective and grow humanly and professionally.


Avi G., when he was a member of the Foundation’s Advisory Committee, accompanied Adi C. who coordinated the Foundation’s projects, to conduct a site visit to a farming project in Zambia. This programme, implemented in partnership with Baynards Zambia Trust (BZT), seeks to empower smallholder farmers in landlocked communities through the introduction of cash crop production, especially bananas, and activity diversification to increase income and ensure food security. At this occasion, they met several direct beneficiaries and strengthened the ties with the local partner, a key player in the project’s successful implementation.

“The Foundation’s approach of building people’s capacity to help themselves has always appealed to me so I was grateful and excited by the chance to visit some active projects. We were warmly greeted at all three projects we visited, which have generated significant new income. The local dynamics show how important constant liaison with the farmers is for guidance, encouragement, and also the leadership of the groups. As today’s projects help people rise above subsistence levels, their children should benefit from at least a basic education and have a better chance in tomorrow’s world. The Foundation is supporting and encouraging people today and so guiding communities for their future.” Avi G., New Ventures & Exploration


Robert R., accompanied Adi C., to visit the project implemented in partnership with Swisscontact in Tanzania. This programme aims to promote local economic development in the Morogoro region by focusing on two main components: increase food security through vocational training in sustainable agricultural techniques for smallholder farmers and unemployed youth; address urban environment issues related to solid waste management by enhancing competencies of local organisations and individuals involved in the sector.

“It was striking to see how enthusiastic the participants were about their projects, and how they were applying as much as they could from what they had learnt. The “Taka ni Mali” (dirt is wealth in Swahili) project focuses on the collection and sorting of waste. We visited three Community Based Organisations, small groups who collect rubbish in their neighbourhoods, separate plastic bottles, glass, metal and organic materials. Plastic, glass and metal are sold to local companies, whereas the organic material is processed to become compost, a fertiliser for horticulture or agriculture. It was inspiring to see how motivated team members were in making this environmental project a success. Both the farming and the environment projects have the potential of making important contributions to reducing unemployment and pollution. Swisscontact, with the financial support of the Foundation, is playing an important role in successfully achieving this.” Robert B., former Foundation Board Member


The programme implemented in partnership with Groupement des Retraités Éducateurs sans Frontières aims to enhance an early childhood educational network in rural areas through the training of young preschool educators and experienced teachers to modern teaching methods, management of documentation centres and library administration.

Andrew Y., went on a mission to accompany the team and document the project’s main highlights with photos and videos. He also contributed to the organisation of the project’s closing ceremony and exhibition in Ouarzazate. This event was attended by various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education of Morocco. Meriem represented the Foundation and gave a speech during the official closing ceremony to underline the mutual engagement of the stakeholders involved since the partnership was initiated.

“The mission was an eye-opener and helped me re-set values and sense of being. An experience I can recommend to all my colleagues! I was impressed by the professionalism of the GREF and their ease of operation on the ground with all stakeholders. The Foundation’s involvement will help increase the children’s chances of getting an education and as a result will contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local economy.” Andrew Y., Non-Operated Assets
“The project evaluation trip resulted in a very positive assessment of the work that is carried out by the GREF and strengthened the spirit of partnership between the Foundation and the NGO. I met wonderful people who worked with devotion to develop early childhood education and employment in the region. This project particularly touched me as it plays a key role in supporting Morocco's future, my home country.” Meriem S., Corporate Social Responsibility

Addhope forum 2014

For the second consecutive year, the Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation organised the Addhope Forum. The 2014 edition gathered partners from a diversity of horizons to generate dialogue for successful development partnerships.
The Addhope Forum 2014 focused on the theme of “Catalysing Drivers of Change”, in particular on women and youth as key agents of change, and new models of mobilising financing for development. Other themes, such as how to best manage risk in development project cycles and partner beyond borders, were also discussed.

Visit the Sinopec-Addax Petroleum’s Foundation website to find out more about the 2014 Addhope Forum.

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